Episode 51: The New and (Somewhat) Improved NGR Radio! Welcome to the Barcade


Welcome to NGR Radio! In this episode, Corey, Matt, and Moose make some special announcements about the future of NGR Radio as a show, expanding into our sister shows (Download World 1-1 Podcast, Nintendo Pow Block, and soon Nerds Gone Platinum: NGR's PlayStation Show, Arsenal X: NGR's Xbox Show, and Vanguard FM: NGR's Destiny and Other Shared Worlds Show), and using NGR Radio's Website and YouTube page to help our friends from around the internet promote their content.

Joining the crew this week is John "Black Mage" Martin from The Brew Review, one of the channels NGR is helping get off the ground and into your eyes and ears! The guys talk about Mass Effect Andromeda, Persona, facial animations, Tell Tale Games, and more.

Also starting in Episode 51: Season 2 of NGR Radio's Video Game 20 Questions. Matt wins season one, but now Moose enters the competition, so winning the trophy will be that much more difficult. Check out all this and more on NGRRadio.com, our YouTube page, and your podcast service of choice!

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Welcome to NGR Radio. Welcome to the Barcade!

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